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The Art of Inspiration: Lead Your Best Story is for any leader who needs to inspire employees, customers, and constituents to give the best of themselves.

Your job is more than CEO, president, executive director, head honcho. You are more than a business strategist, statesperson, brand ambassador. Arguably, your most important role is Chief Inspiration Officer.

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If you want to turn a business plan into inspired purpose, unite an organization, and captivate customers, you need to tell a story. And not just any story, but a spellbinding, TED-worthy story.

Meet Justina

Whether you’re a CEO or a seasoned manager you need to be heard. And remembered.

That is precisely why Justina loves helping organizations craft narratives to captivate customers, unify employees, and enthrall media. Our stories win hearts and minds—because they’re based on neuroscience research, leadership studies, and real narrative tools of the best authors.

When you partner with Justina, you get the insight of a story strategist for several presidents at a Fortune 50 company, the effectiveness of a storyteller who has worked with major corporations, and the skill of an award-winning novelist.

Why storytelling?

If you’re rolling out a daring strategy, launching a long-awaited product, or tackling a complex global issue—you need to do so much more than communicate clearly. You need to connect. You need to show that you are an organization worth trusting, a leader worth following, a product worth evangelizing. And you do that with a multi-layered, well-crafted story that weaves in thought leadership and personal narrative.

Story is all about connection, which is why research shows that storytelling is the single most important tool in an organization’s toolkit. If you want people to remember your messages, tell a story. If you want people to engage in a soul-deep way with your product, tell a story. Stories educate and excite, enthrall and engage. Stories win hearts and minds. Stories accelerate the action you want.

“Working with Justina, I finally understood my unique strengths as a leader and my own thought leadership. That enabled me to speak more authentically, confidently, and powerfully—onstage at the Skoll World Forum, with British Parliamentary leaders, and with my own team.”

— Gabrielle Fitzgerald, Former Director, Ebola Program, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation