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After the recent devastating earthquake in China and then the cyclone in Myanmar before that, I felt so utterly helpless. Other than donating money, I couldn’t think of anything I could do to help. Then I realized, sheesh, how helpful would I be in the middle of a crisis right here in the U.S.? The … Read More

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I love to hear from my readers. But I have to say, it’s nervewracking to hear from people I’ve interviewed to research my story. If I had a single muse for GIRL OVERBOARD, it was Sam. He spent a ton of time with me–and opened up his life and read the manuscript for technical accuracy. … Read More

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Ni hao! So…after a year of living abroad where I’d never faced quite so much racism in my life, I told myself, NEVER AGAIN. Hello? Did I really need to hear strangers tell me to “go home, insert racial ephithet here“? So how did I find myself 10 weeks away from uprooting myself yet again, … Read More