Goodbye, China!

November 27, 2008By justinaChina, Shanghai 2 Comments

Zai jian, China! Today the kids and I leave for Seattle. Permanently and prematurely. This isn’t the ending to the China experience that I had planned. Or wanted. Or dreamed of for myself and the kids when we set out on August 17th. However hard this ending has been, here are all the things I … Read More

Thanksgiving RAFTS in Shanghai

November 27, 2008By justinaDin Tai Fung, Shanghai 1 Comment

Moving once is hard enough. But moving twice internationally within three months? Let’s talk worried mama bear syndrome here in Shanghai! I’ve been mulling over how to help my kiddos transition from Shanghai back to Seattle. A wonderful counselor shared with me the RAFT plan–saying goodbye in a healthy, healing way. Reconciliation: reconcile with those … Read More

Shanghai: Photo Essay on Mops

November 25, 2008By justinaChina, mops, Shanghai 3 Comments

As I was out and about photographing the city several weeks ago, one of my Shanghai turnSTYLE interviewees challenged me to begin a photo essay on mops in China. Mops? I thought. You’ve got to be kidding. But as I looked more closely at the fabric-strung mops, I realized there really was something to her … Read More

Shanghai: Face off!

November 22, 2008By justinaFace Bar, French Concession, Shanghai No Comments

Check out FACE for a fun place to hang out in Shanghai. With locations in Jakarta and Beijing, Shanghai’s FACE bar is located in a mansion in the French Concession. Within are a few different restaurants and the all-important bar. Today I’m thankful for great places to hang out with some of my favorite peeps … Read More

Shanghai: Bejeweled @ David Seno

November 22, 2008By justinaDavid Seno, Shanghai, Yucca Rieschel No Comments

Apparently, my girlfriends in Shanghai are out to remedy my anti-shopping mentality with a series of Interventions. Bright one morning, Yucca Rieschel–another super-connector on the Shanghai scene (on the right)–hijacked me. I mean, bundled me into a car and took me to one of her favorite jewelers: David Seno. Diana, one of the co-owners, met … Read More

Shanghai: M1nt

November 21, 2008By justinaM1nt, Mae-Ling Tian, Shanghai No Comments

My new favorite hangout spot in all of Shanghai? M1nt. After a few weeks of soft openings and parties–none of which I could attend–I finally made it here, thanks to my beautiful new friend Mae-Ling. How could you not love the long tank filled with baby black tip sharks, dangerous yet mesmerizing in their lethal … Read More