Happy Pi Day!

March 14, 2013By justinaBooks about Math, buildering, Danica McKellar, feng shui, John Green, Justina Chen, Nothing but the Truth (and a few white lies), Pi Day, Stanford, YA novels, YA Reading List No Comments

So honored to be part of YA Reading List‘s celebration of Pi Day along with John Green and Danica McKellar. There she is, Patty Ho, the protagonist of my debut novel, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (and a few white lies). So strange to think that I wrote that book over 6 years ago: buildering (rock … Read More

Books YA Love

February 20, 2013By justinaBooksYALove, Justina Chen, Return to Me, YA novels No Comments

Such a lovely review for RETURN TO ME from a librarian blogger over at BooksYALove. My favorite line: “Separation and reunion, perception and reality – Justina Chen once again brings readers a story with the right ending in a complex real world.” She really understood that the book was about transforming dust into stardust. And … Read More

readergirlz around the world!

September 19, 2008By justinaDia Calhoun, Holly Cupala, Lorie Ann Grover, Mitali Perkins, Night Bites, readergirlz, YA novels, YALSA No Comments

Other than writing and procrastinating (I mean, researching) in Shanghai, I also happen to be one of the co-founders of readergirlz, the leading online book community for teens! Along with my divas divine–Lorie Ann Grover, Dia Calhoun, and Mitali Perkins (all fellow award-winning YA authors)–we’ve spent the last 18 months or so creating fun literacy … Read More

June 28, 2008By justinafairies, research, YA novels 2 Comments

What writers do in the name of research… I’ve gone buildering and rock climbing when I prefer both feet on the ground. I’ve snowboarded when I’m a skier at heart–a cross-country skier at heart. (The headfirst trip down the mountain, strapped into a toboggan, was unintentional research. So was the reconstructive knee surgery.) I’ve tromped … Read More

June 14, 2008By justinaNorth of Beautiful, procrastination, YA novels 3 Comments

Being a gifty girl (definition: one who loves to buy little something, somethings for those she loves), I’ve made it a tradition of bestowing my editor and her editorial assistant with trinkets that symbolize my book and honor our work together. I realize that I should be packing up for China. After all, the movers … Read More

June 10, 2008By justinaghost story, writing, YA novels 2 Comments

For as much as I embrace all the girl-power, hi-YAH, you-go-grrl spirit, let’s be super clear: I am a wimp…when it comes to the paranormal. Ever since last summer when I stayed in this century-old house for two weeks, I’ve literally been haunted. Not by a ghost, but a wisp of a concept for a … Read More

May 30, 2008By justinasnowboarding, YA novels 1 Comment

I love to hear from my readers. But I have to say, it’s nervewracking to hear from people I’ve interviewed to research my story. If I had a single muse for GIRL OVERBOARD, it was Sam. He spent a ton of time with me–and opened up his life and read the manuscript for technical accuracy. … Read More