When Disney says, Be Our Guest, the company isn’t kidding! 400 communicators from Marvel Comics to Whole Foods and Zappos to NASA descended on Disneyworld on Feb 6-9 to attend a Social Media Conference, co-hosted by Disney’s Social Media Team and Ragan Conferences.

Among some of the many wonderful projects that Disney’s team spearheads, one of my favorites is their Disney Park blog with posts like this one, which showcases the park’s heritage:

That said, let’s talk fear factor! Intimidating is: keynoting the conference after Theron Skees, the creative director of Disney’s Imagineering. Intimidating is: talking about story and storytelling to some of the most accomplished storytellers in corporations, governments and non-profits today! I mean, the social media director for the Panama Canal’s 100th birthday was there! I literally slept for just 3 hours the night before running a half-day workshop. And then managed only 2 hours the night before the keynote! So speechless about all the nice Tweets…

Three cheers for @DisneyParks and @RaganEvents for a fantastic conference filled with pixie dust and fireworks!

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