And now this from Melissa Walker whose VIOLET IN PRIVATE

is featured (and dissected–in a good way!) at readergirlz this month… Guess what? My new writer-buddy is giving away a copy of GIRL OVERBOARD to those intrepid enough to take a fun quiz! (I was wondering why Melissa wanted me to sign the book but not personalize it to her when we were together in San Francisco for Ypulse.) So book on over to Melissa before the end of the week.

Here are the deets from her blog:

“This week, your prize is a signed copy of Justina Chen Headley‘s fantastic Girl Overboard, which pretty much has it all: family, snowboarding, community service, dim sum and friend-love (yes!).

To win a copy of the book, you have a fun mission: Take this quiz by LaToya Evans (“What’s your Spare Time Read?”) and tell me what book you get… I thought I knew where I’d end up, but I got The Luxe (which I still haven’t read–oops)! It must be that amazing ball gown that I dream of owning.”

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