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Justina has energized countless audiences from AT&T to Disney, the Mayo Clinic to Microsoft with her unique perspective on storytelling. She will draw from both her corporate storytelling and novel-writing to catalyze individuals to rethink how they connect to and move their audiences.


While Justina can speak on a variety of topics regarding storytelling, her current favorite subjects include

The Art of Inspiration

7 Secrets of Highly Effective Storytellers

Through evocative storytelling, we have the power to connect powerfully with audiences—whether in a meeting, onstage, or in a Tweet. In this speech, you will learn how to harness the same narrative tools that novelists use so you can create compelling corporate stories, transcendent moments, and page-turners.

From Leader to Thought Leader

Developing Your Own TED Talk

In this age of instant information, accelerating competition, and story fatigue, it’s no longer enough to share a good story. Executives and companies need to be seen as thought leaders—ones with a distinct perspective about industry trends and a compelling vision for the future. Ones who can translate a complex and chaotic world into clarity. Intriguing and innovative thought leadership enables a leader to communicate with far more than conviction, but to speak with earned authority. True thought leadership enables you to lead the conversation. And when you do, you wield the power to shift perceptions and position yourself as a leader and company worth following.

Extraordinary Leadership

Lean Into Your Story

Study after study shows that the number one predictor of extraordinary leadership is a person’s ability to find meaning from intense, often traumatic experiences. Those transformational moments become the source of distinctive leadership. Research also shows that the best leaders are authentic, selectively showing weaknesses and being vulnerable. In this speech, you’ll learn how to craft your personal narrative that positions yourself as a true leader, connects you with your audiences, and advances your business message all at the same time.

Learn the inside secrets of the best corporate storytelling from a respected thought leader on executive communications and award-winning novelist.

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“Justina is an inspirational and riveting speaker who delivers the goods every time. My audience of writers, PR pros, speechwriters and corporate communicators adore her. At our last Speechwriters and Executive Communicators Conference, she ranked as the second most popular speaker after President Obama's speechwriter Jon Favreau. “

—Mark Ragan, CEO, Ragan Communications

“We owe Justina a debt of gratitude for reminding us all what it is we really offer and do.”

—Douglass Hatcher, Vice President, Global Thought Leadership, Mastercard