After hearing me whine, cry, and moan about only being allowed to bring 50 books into China next year, my hubby bought me a Kindle.

Today was play day. I am an early adopter of fashion, not of technology. So I gingerly unpacked the Kindle and have to admit: what the device had going for it was the pretty, book-like packaging.
Then it was time to put the book download to a test. Amazon promised that the entire process would take less than a minute. And that’s all it took to change me from skeptic to convert. Sixty seconds. In that time, I downloaded BREAKING DAWN and within seconds, Edward was in my hands!

So it’s true. Kindle had me at a whisper. Because that promised Whispernet technology? It worked. So I tested my own book. Look!

I was expecting that the device would be a distraction because I love the feel of a book in my hands when I read. But the leather book cover that comes with the Kindle pretty much approximates that bookish feel.

So far, two thumbs up!
Even so, here’s my wishlist for Kindle 2.0 (so far):

  • I want the book covers to be shown in color, not black & white.
  • I want to be able to highlight portions of sentences, not the entire line.
  • While this form factor is very sleek, I really wish the Kindle wasn’t stark white. I’ll have to see if there’s a cute skin I can wrap around it. And then there are always my Moo stickers that I can use!

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  • I’m a Sony Reader gal myself, because that’s what they gave us at work, but I hadn’t really liked the looks of the Kindle, but yours looks adorable! I think I’m a little jealous…

    They say the technology for a good color screen is coming soon, maybe next year, i think?

    I’m so glad you got a way around the 50 books, that was tragic to hear!

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