Join me today on Jessica’s blog, The Bluestocking Society, where I’m the guest blogger on Beauty. Any woman who counts Powell’s Books as one of her happiest places on earth is a friend of mine. (Stay tuned: Powell’s interviewed me for their website.)

Here’s my favorite quote from Jessica’s review of North of Beautiful:

“I could write a term paper on the layers of this theme in this book. North of Beautiful reminded me, in many ways, of a John Green novel – smart teenagers stumbling through situations and eventually getting their legs beneath them – from a girl’s perspective.”

Now that is high praise.

Today I am thankful for book lovers who take the time to share their love of books with others. (Go, Jessica!)


  • I just finished reading your guest post at the bluestocking society, I LOVE what you said about beauty!

    BTW, thanks for having visited my blog before I completely forgot to thank you for that and say you’re welcome about the North of Beautiful mention in my blog. 😀
    I love your book!!!

  • Hi Justina!

    I’ve just finished reading Girl Overboard. Ahhhh, I like it so much!
    I read Nothing But the Truth (and a few white lies) about a year ago and I loved that one too!

    I think I’m going to read North of Beautiful next. I hope I’ll like is as mush as your first 2 books ^_^ !

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