So I overheard one fellow YA author dismissing the teens we write for, and I swear, I wanted to reach over and bop the author on the head. Hard.

Here’s why I write for teens… I give you Exhibit A, a message I just received on Facebook:

“I finished reading Girl Overboard a few days ago, and it’s by far one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. I’m in love with Syrah! She’s just such an amazing character, and I’m totally inspired by her ideas.After reading the book, I decided to make a difference too. Of course I can’t do things the Syrah Cheng Way (though Ride for Our Lives was a cool idea!) but I’ll still try. I’ve decided to volunteer for World Vision and try to help the kids in Africa suffering from poverty.Anyway, thanks for being such a great author and writing an inspirational book!”

This reader–this teen reader–took ACTION based on a book. She inhaled the words and exhaled change in the world.

What other group does that with so much enthusiasm and abandon? With so little self-doubt?

THIS is why I love writing for teens. I love their watch-out-world mentality. I am so proud to write YA!

Today I am grateful for teens who read, reflect, and reach out–the readergirlz way!


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