How amazing is this… Book Chic made a vlog for Seven Book Babes. Not only did he wear the Girl Overboard / Burton Snowboards T-shirt that I had sent him many moons ago, but he talked about two fun inside stories nested within NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL. Talk about super astute reader. He truly is Mr. YA Book CSI.


  • Haha, thanks so much for the mention! 🙂 All the stuff about you and your books was kinda unplanned. I was like “Hey, people should know about the Burton shirt I’m wearing. *shows off Burton shirt* Hey, that reminds me, I should tell people about the stuff I noticed in North of Beautiful. *talks of hidden easter eggs*”

    But it made for some good vlogging! 🙂

    PS Did you see Girl Overboard on my bookshelves when I posted those pics? It’s on the bottom shelf of the bookcase behind me in the vlogs I do. It’s right near all the Meg Cabot books! 🙂

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