Am I the only one who loves to read an author’s acknowledgments–our version of credits, homage to everyone who touched our book? (Personally, I prefer to read the acknowledgments at the end of the book since it feels like a grace note–the thank you after sharing the work with the reader. I simply don’t get acknowledging people at the front of the book.)

I always wonder about the people who are included in that thank you–what made them so special to be immortalized in a book? Who are these people? Perhaps it’s the writer in me. But I want their story, too.

So I thought I would share the inside scoop on some of the amazing people who helped shape NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL. First up is Dia Calhoun–Dia, my Dia–an award-winning author, co-founder of
readergirlz, and one of my peeps!

What many of her readers don’t realize is that Dia is also a brilliant artist, a lettering artist who created the Alaska Airlines logo. For my homecoming from China, she created a piece of art for my entry, words taken from my latest novel: Feed Hope.

How can hope not be fed with that glorious piece of art in my home?

And now Dia has launched a new website for her lettering business. Tell me, can’t you just see this on a book or video game?


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