“I am completely clear that my improvement as a speaker is directly correlated with Justina’s new approach, her meticulous writing, and the new visual style.”
–Robbie Bach, former president, Microsoft

“In a spectacular closing keynote at the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference, Justina Chen celebrated The Heart of Storytelling. I believe there was sufficient content in Justina Chen’s keynote to justify the cost of attending the entire conference.” –Ian Griffin, speechwriter– http://www.exec-comms.com/blog/2012/03/19/justina-chen-the-heart-of-storytelling/

“You made a difference for many if not all the individuals at a very personal level. There were some powerful impacts and insights at a very human level thanks to your skill, insights and courage.” –Sue Bevington, corporate vice president, Microsoft

“That was just perfect, exactly what we needed. Justina did an amazing job of jamming through all that content in such a concise way.” Dan Nordstrom, CEO, Outdoor Research

“I have no doubt that we will referring back to what we learned today for months/years to come as we continue on this journey and work to help this brand achieve its full potential.” –Jordan Wand, vice president, Outdoor Research

“A master of storytelling and highly engaging and dynamic public speaker. Great insight; really inspiring.” –Corporate Writers and Editors Conference

“I loved her heart and could feel her genuiness and passion. To me, that made her all the more credible. Plus, she had tons of great tips!” –Corporate Writers and Editors Conference

“Justina gave an opening that handcuffed me to the seat for the rest of the seminar.” –Corporate Writers and Editors Conference

“I could have listened and learned from Justina all day. Her stories illustrating the power and essence of storytelling brought home each point brilliantly.” –Corporate Writers and Editors Conference

“I was hanging on her every word. Such fabulous ideas – I especially am excited to try to find that ‘save the cat’ story for each of our executives.” –Corporate Writers and Editors Conference

“My staff can’t quit talking about the training! Concepts so definitely in line with fundraising and how to sell our cause.” – Barbara Langdon, executive director, Lifewire

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended a lot). I would describe the workshop as delving into the true essence of what we are here to do – getting at the Why – our purpose in life. She embodies the incredibly scary balance of vulnerability, love for people, and conviction for her passion, which makes her a powerful and persuasive speaker and leader.” –Danielle Prince, Lifewire

“I found immediate value in her tactics and the 10 pages of notes I took during her segment.” –2012 Speechwriters Conference

“We owe you a debt of gratitude for reminding us all what it is we really offer and do.” Douglass Hatcher, Senior Advisor, U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe

“You really did a great job of distilling all my ideas and finding a way to make it flow together in 3 minutes.” –Cliff Schmidt, executive director, Literacy Bridge

“Communicators: you MUST follow @JustinaYChen. She may be the best writer / storyteller in Ragan history. J, you light up the room” @MarkRaganCEO

“Loved @JustinaYChen and her storytelling talk. Probably most memorable talk here.” @jehcekah

“*Ahem* It’s a GOOD thing @JustinaYChen is closing today. I can’t imagine who would follow her.” @funny_monkey

“4 pages of notes during previous presentations. 6 during @JustinaYChen’s storytelling session! Storytelling is pivotal!” @TVGMediaGuy

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